Ticket to Fashion

I love clothes and textiles, I am really addicted to them. I like everything, from haute couture and the historical designers and "couturier", like Chanel, Madeleine Vionnet, Paul Poiret, to the typical Berlin self-made small designers. I like fashion made with baroque and precious fine fabrics as much as I like up-cycled clothes and textiles or vintage and second-hand clothes from flea markets.
I am interested in the fashion industry, its process and the ecological and ethical impact it has, as well as in the handcraft process to actually create, pattern, cut, sew and embellish a model. Fashion to me is not the expensive show, it is mostly how people like to show themselves, it is amazing to study the personality of a person through what they wear, because that is so funny about clothes: even if you don't want to wear anything special they will tell a lot about you

In this page I wish to show my experiments and my ideas about clothes and my attempts to design and produce my own clothes collection.

Upcycled flea-market skirt -  23rd of April 2014

 I found this blue skirt in a flea market: it looked good and I had an idea to make it quickly look more interesting: with some red cord fabric (bought as well in the flea market) I made this wave-decoration that  goes through the whole skirt. 

I also applied to the pocket the same kind of decoration and finally I added two frog fastenings. 
The weight at the bottom of the skirt and the fastenings are decorative and help keep it in shape when worn.

The Greek experiment: sewing a tunic - 14th of January 2013

This is actually a project I made last summer: I found in a fabric market this nice fabric: it reminded me of the colorful stuff people used to produce in the 70's and I bought a meter and a half of it. I wanted in fact sew something for my sister's birthday and she is a great fun of quirky funny dresses.


The idea is simple: making a tunic that is both comfortable and easy to wear in summer especially on the beach. The pattern on the cloth inspired me since it reminds me of Greek decorations so the tunic was an obvious choice.

The cut is simple: straight until the hips and then a bit "A" style. The collar is a bit more elaborated, a "cappuccio" collar (a kind of scoop collar but soft...unfortunately I don't know the actual word in English..."Fountain collar" maybe?!). 

To finish the tunic I added a yellow jersey hem that matches with the belt (that was hard to sew!)                                                  
And here is the finished tunic! I am happy with the result and it can be worn as top on cropped (capri) trousers, as mini dress for the beach and as mini dress on skinny trousers.

I had a negative comment though: my boyfriend said that this kind of fabric looks like a bath towel fabric. I know that the look of this cloth is a bit particular but that's why I wanted to use it and anyway my boyfriend doesn't understand much about fashion :-P

Fashion Highjacking 1: "The spaghetti top"-10th of August 2012    I have been having this top from Zara for several years now: I like the color but unfortunately the straps worn out very quickly and now the top hang on the shoulders no more.  Moreover, this plain color is now a bit boring to me (please click on images to see them bigger).


 So, what I did was to sew two new straps in green jersey...


With the same fabric I then added a border of circa 2cm length and sewed small embellishment buttons (not flashy, as I am going to wear it also under other shirts).

And...et voila'! I really like the result! Now the top stays on, it's practical and has a new look!

I personally like the result! it is really true that sometimes it would be stupid to throw away old clothes: with small changes they can be transformed in something appealing again! :o)