Roberto Saviano at the Akademie der Künste, 22.03.2012

I made these sketches during the talk of the journalist Roberto Saviano, during his last visit in Berlin.
Since the publishing of his book "Gomorrah",  Roberto Saviano lives under the police's protection: the Mafia sentenced him to death.

I thought taking sketches of his speech would have been better than simple photos. I could not help annotating his words around the sketches.(Please click on the pictures to enlarge them).

Max the dog, July 2011
A friend of mine was asked to baby sit Max, a little hectic bulldog, for two weeks. I don't have the possibility of keeping animals at home, so I took the opportunity to visit my friend and do some sketches of Max.
Unfortunately Max was restlessly playing with a rubber duck so it was almost impossible for him to stay still one single second!
Luckily he needed also to sleep sometimes and then I had my chance to draw him quickly...

And here is the real Max! :o)