My showreel and videos

In this page you can watch my show reel and some of my professional achievements...
I will update this page adding more videos at the bottom of the page, so for new stuff, scroll down! :o)

Here is my show reel, divided in three parts.
Part One: concept and direction for brand and design (for television broadcaster).

Part Two:concept and direction of short animations (for television broadcaster).

Part Three: concept and direction of commercials for kids products and events.

And here are a couple of promos I made at the time I used to work for Cartoon Network.

My "Heroes image piece " is made with a series of clips from some Cartoon Network Shows. The music is from a library music CD but it is really great.

Another Image Piece...probably my favorite! It explains why Elvis and Samurai Jack have something in common...somehow...

And now something niiiiiiiiice: a promo I produced for Boomerang TV Channel, for the promotion of two different "Hello Kitty" Tv series.

I made the following promo for the launch of the Japanese Series "School Rumble": it was not simple because we had almost no clips to work with! The "social network" format we created was a good idea to promote the series using a modern frame, right for the kind of audience, and to make the best of the scarce material
we had.

These are the teasers

And here is the Promo

Samurai Jack Kodo': for this promo I chose the energetic and hypnotic music of Ko-do drums, the traditional Japanese gigantic drums on which I edited the beautiful images of the show "Samurai Jack". I think the idea worked very well...


Xmas Ids for Boomerang: I wrote and directed these original animated Ids with the aim of celebrating Xmas breaking a bit with the obvious  seasonal "cheesyness". Wyle E. Coyote is still my favourite.