Illustration Portfolio

Here are a few of my illustrations: I use both traditional and digital techniques.
Please, click on the Pictures to see them bigger :o)

Illustrations for publishing  and media

Fliying Fishes- An illustration proposal for the cover of an English magazine.
A traditional collage where the background is a photo colored with Ecoline and the fishes are made out of colored paper and retouched with pastels.


The Rosemary's Ragu' - a parody-poster of "Rosemary's baby". Pastels and colored inks.

The black hand -
Illustration for an article about violence on women. Black ink and colored Ecoline on grained paper.

 Apfeltag - Cover for a fairytale book. Felt pens, pastels and acrylic colors.

Illustrations for music

dEUS Totem-
I am a great fan of the belgian music group "dEUS"  and
did this t-shirts design for an imaginary tour, the "Totem tour".
I later printed this shirt with silkscreen technique, although with less colors. please have a look at the "Illustration for fashion and textiles" page.

CD covers
Some of the covers I made as a personal project. I let myself be inspired by the music.

Manic Street Preachers- "This is my truth, tell me yours"


  Band Of Holy Joy - "Manic, magic, majestic"

Tom Waits - "Bone Machine"

                                 Grizzly Bear - "Shields"

Grant Lee Buffalo -"Jubilee"

                                    Portishead- "Dummy"


Children's illustration

Animals in Adobe Illustrator-The following four illustrations were made using Adobe Illustrator.

The rabbit and the monkey are loosely  inspired from Mary Blair drawings: I was inspired by the flexibility and "freedom of proportion" that the illustrations of miss Blair suggest.

I later used these illustrations also as patterns for some silkscreen-prints.


Just for fun illustrations


Marching garden gnomes- I did this illustration after hearing about the "Front for the garden gnome liberation".
Pastels and colored felt pens on white paper

2012, the year of the dragon - colored pastels and red ink on white paper.