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Comics and caricatures portfolio

I have always been drawing comics, since I was a kid. I love drawing comics and I diplomated in a professional comic-illustration institute in Milan, after graduating in high school.
It is probably for me the most instinctive way to express myself. I use felt pens, ecoline, inks.
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Jubileum 2000: My entry for the competition "Foligno humor festival" dedicated to the Jubilee in year 2000. Colored felt pens.                                                                                                         

Superyella: a comic I made about bizzarre super heroes. I played with stereotypes and the language of "real" super heroes comics. This is a detail of a 30x50 page, in coloured inks and Ecoline.

Gabry in the school of the German wonders -
I wrote and drawn this comic for the association ANE, in Berlin, committed to help children and their parents, especially those who live here as foreigners. The comic presents in a funny way the real story of an Italian girl who lands in a German school without knowing the language.


 Family and friends caricatures- I love making fun of everyday situations I live with my family and friends, it is a sort of personal soap opera. This cartoons are all made with colored felt pens.

Visions of Berlin- One of my favorite sports is...people spotting and in Berlin is very easy to pass the time in this way. Sometimes I capture with quick comics funny or strange impressions of this city and of people.

This cartoon is made with blue ink on white paper.

This vision was drawn with felt pens.

It's a fish, fish world- Part of a series of cartoons dedicated to the sea's inhabitants. I printed some of them in silkscreen technique

Greeting Cards 

Professionally or for friends and family, I enjoy drawing
greeting cards for various occasions and try to put a pinch of humor in

                                           "Vogue" Style - Birthday greetings


Birthday greetings and gift package - of a book and the bottle of wine...

Greeting Card with accordion- a nice way to give money for accordion lessons

More greetings cards...


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