Maybe somebody asked his or herself "why this blog is called Kanonenfrau?"

When I did set up this blog,  I was looking for a special name, something that could awake the curiosity of the web audience out there.
Taking a stroll in Frankfurter Allee in Berlin, I saw the advertisement of a big Circus Show coming to town:
the star of this circus, pictured on the poster, it wasn't an animal (luckily) but a Kanonenfrau, aka Cannonball Woman. Like in the old good days, a daredevil was letting herself being shot out of a cannon!

"That is how I would like to be" I thought "daring, flying, funny and adventurous!" and that was it!

"Kanonenfrau" in German means also a woman who is great and makes a blast with her personality and talent. Am I like that? It is something I cannot judge myself but I am happy with the "circus name interpretation"! :o)

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