Freitag, 16. Juni 2017

Back pages...the "resume" post! Part 1

Yeah, as I told you recently I am back in charge of the blog and I would like to show you some of the works I did in the last 2 years (almost three) and then go on with a reface of the blog and publishing new stuff. So, here we go! (Please click on image to enlarge them)

Coffee 60s-Digital Illustration

Yeah, I am now also in digital stuff...I followed a
very good course in Berlin taught by spanish illustrator
Rafael Alvarez and this is one of the images I produced thanks to that...
Well, considering the huge technical problems I encountered on the way
I am pretty happy with what I learned.


Tshirt design for Ciao Pop Up

I have been contacted to design some Tshirt for an italian platform, Ciao Pop Up. The first collection I designed is inspired by french play is a sneak preview of one of them...

Yeah yeah, I know, it doesn't say much BUT...stay tuned for more development...

Trial illustrations for a cooking magazine
Once again I have been contacted to do some trial illustrations 
for the most famous italian eno-gastronomic magazine, the subject was Portugal's typical cooking. 
In this case I used my (new) skills of digital illustration.

Though I am happy with the results I find somehow disturbing tne whole project now, the reason being 
I am VEGETARIAN!! I am not sure I would be able to draw again a mildly happy fish on a plate...

Illustrations for a school book

Oh, I loooove this one! I was asked to produce some ideas for a story in a school book for children agen 10/13, specific for the story of "Tonino  e il nonno", about an italian kid that visit the grandfather in the countryside for the summer. This job gave me the possibility to explore different styles, from my usual.

Here I blended the watercolor drawn charachter 
in a real photo, the photo itself was previously           
color modified.                                                

A sketch of the characters at the initial stage...

I  love this one, it is made with watercolors.
The goose has got particular success...

That's it for now! The second part of this post comes very soon! Stay tuned :-) and thank you for stopping by!