Samstag, 15. April 2017

Back on the tracks

Oh, I didn't publish anything on this blog for nearly two years!! Well, I just lacked the time and strenght.
But now I am back and I want to make a little revolution, posting new stuff at least once a week and going through a gradual makeover of my blog.

I would like to change the look but also organize differently this blog and also start writing about art works (and not only) that I like and I recomend to check out.

The first bit of work that I would like to show here is a serries of sketches and ideas that I developed for the ZAS, a center for language research based in Berlin (I already publish with them a book, you can find the post here).
The brief was to devise and create an animated series to publish on the on line teaching platform "Sofa Tutor". I explored several ideas, like creating the host of the program that introduces the elements of the german language to foreign kids, called the Grammar-Giraffe. (click on images to see them bigger).

A second option was to animate the varios elements of the grammatical phrase as if they had a proper personality and will.          

Finally I thought to involve one of the professors involved in the project using photos of his face and adding a drawn body, making him explore bizarre but effective "grammar-situations".


                                       Unfortunately it seems we are still waiting for foundings...hope you like this ideas anyway and I hope to be working on this project or get the possibility of working on a similar one soon.