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Personal project: CD cover for Band of Holy Joy

Everybody has some project that goes on over the years: mine is a series of CD covers I illustrate for (already existing) music albums.
I actually started this project in the days of music cassettes!!
My latest "creature" is a collage cover for the album "More tale from the city" by indie UK group Band of Holy Joy. The album is from the late 80's and is an hymn (both negative and positive) to the life in the big city. Poetry, weirdness, violence melt in this album, between violins, hypnotic keyboards, the rough whispers and sweet howling of the singer. In my younger days this album, like any other album from Band of Holy Joy, was an "insider view" of one of my favorite cities, London.

So, here is my CD cover for "New tales from the city" by Band of Holy Joy and a few pics of the work-in-progress. Hope you like it! :-)

please click on the picture to see it bigger
The inspiration came from the "Fall of the rebel angels" by Pieter Brugel, where creatures from hell and heaven battle. The good mixed with the bad. I "selected" a central figure, an angel wielding a sword: beautiful and awful at the same time.

Brugel's "Fall of rebel angels"

I took away the colors from the picture and got it black and white. I then drew an abstract colored shape and added it to the picture, to put something slightly out of context that would stand out in the composition.

mysterious shape

The writing is hand written in black ink and then colored and mounted on the cover with photoshop.  


Elaboration in photoshop

For more of my CD covers personal project have a look at the illustration-portfolio section of the blog and for learning more about the music of Band Of Holy Joy check out their website:

PS I also made a psychedelic version of it...

Psychedelic...or maybe too much coffee...

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