Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014

Who's your candidate?

In 10 days European citizen will be voting for the EU parlament.
Are you still undecided for who should you vote for? I was, until yesterday when, going out for a foto-safari, I saw these posters...It is a clever advertisement campaign for "X-men, days of the future past" that uses a series of mock political posters.

Who knows if this campaign is the same in all Europe...but now I know who will get my vote on the 25th. of May...and you?

"Alle sind gleich-We are all the same"

Charming and idealist mind reader: Prof. Xavier
Behaving bad for a good cause: Wolverine

More than only a change of the wardrobe: Mystica
Dangerously handsome: Magneto 

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