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My archeology: How to make a video out of paper

When I think of it, it almost make me laugh...there was a time in which Cameras were expensive tools that only professionals could afford to have...those days are gone and nowadays technology is allowing us to do almost any thing, any time: filming a music video, for example, it can be shoot NOW! even with only a phone-camera.

Back in the 90's  I was already interested in making videos and movies, I wanted to work with a real moviola and despite the lack of tools I managed to shoot my first music video...on paper!!

One of my favourite tunes at that time was "Ventoline Blues", from the French-American indie group "Passion Fodder" and I wanted to shoot a video for it: the song is the lament of a asthmatic guy, in a blues-country key. I wrote a (quite surreal) story,  where the Passion Fodder group members were to "play".
I drew the story like a mute comic. The images were cut and pasted on an extra super long strip of paper, after making sure that the sequence matched words and music.

To "watch" the video, one must listen to the song and at the same time drag the strip of paper following the action and the lyrics. Another way it would be of hanging the strip on the wall and walking along it but I admit it would be a bit uncomfortable, though interesting!

Here I show you a couple of pictures of my very primitive but funny way to "shoot" a video :-)
(Click on the images to see them bigger)

The paper video (Closed)

The paper video (open)

Psychedelic beginning

Woke up this morning...
Drama (and a bit of explanation)

more drama...

more more drama...

The End
And now ...let's rewind the film...

 The style I used for these drawings was a simple soft pencil on white paper, to give the drawings a kind of "raw" style. Though the song sounds very tragic, I could not help adding a surreal, comic ending...that is my trademark, I suppose.

Passion Fodder already split up at the beginning of the 90's but their front man, Theo Hakola, is still very active in music. If you want to know more about him, here is his website:

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