Mittwoch, 19. März 2014

Still work in progress

Lately I have been working on some projects that should finally be ready in a few weeks.
Today I suddenly realize that I totally forgot (or rather MONSTROUSLY PROCRASTINATED) to complete the following two illustrations! They are actually waiting since last year to come to an end! :-(

I hope that posting the pictures, it will remind me to finish them as soon as possible (please click on  the images to see them bigger).

The Mongolian Rabbit, is a watercolor illustration based on an exercise I made for an illustration course: an experiment in humanizing an animal and putting it in a particular environment.

A pretty big drawing indeed...
will I ever finish it?

Year of the snake- I totally missed my deadline for the 2013 Chinese Year of the golden Snake! To find an original idea took me ages, now it is half way: a mosaic mixed with collage. I am pretty happy with the effect but really, mosaic is a labor of love.

Year of the snake...last year...

No...I am not finished yet...

Will I ever finish them? stay tuned people! And have faith...!

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