Sonntag, 2. März 2014

Illustration in Berlin!

Wow, it took me very long to write a new post! But now I am back on the tracks! My first post of the year is dedicated to illustration and two pieces of news that you might find interesting.

The Berlin IIC (Italian Institute of Culture) shows the work of Lorenzo Mattotti, Emiliano Ponzi and Michael Meier, three illustrators who worked on the theme of  "Dante's Inferno", in the exhibition

"Inferno. Zur Dante-Rezeption in Illustrationen, Graphic Novel und Neuen Medien"
(Inferno, Dante in illustrations, graphic novels and new media).
Illustration by Lorenzo Mattotti
The Exhibition is open until the 21st of March.
I must admit I am familiar only with the work of Lorenzo Mattotti, a legend for all illustrators and
comic cartoonist. I started appreciating his work during the 80's, as I studied myself as cartoonist.
I am very curious to see his work but maybe I am even more curious to see the works of his colleagues...because I don't know them.

You can find more information on the website of IIC (unfortunately only in italian and german)

And after watching illustration" let's talk about "drawing illustration": if you live in Berlin and if you are interested in refining your skills or learning how to illustrate with Photoshop and Illustrator, I suggest you to try this course:

Digital Illustration course with Rafa Alvarez, ESDIP-Berlin
from 12th March to 14th April 

Illustration by Rafa Alvarez
The course is taught by the internationally acclaimed illustrator Rafa Alvarez.
I took part to the last November session of the course and I really enjoyed it, that's why suggest it to you.
The course (taught in English) takes the students through the secrets of layers, color palettes, textures, etc etc. and gives, all the tools one needs to find his/her way in digital illustration. A thing that I particularly appreciated was the feedback sessions, where the teacher and all the students correct and make suggestions on everybody's homeworks.
Moreover, Rafa Alvarez has also a good sense of humor, which makes learning much easier.
More information on the ESDIP website:


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