Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Chapter 1.2 : the new Tshirt collection

Spring is there! It is again time for markets and T-shirts, so here are my most recent designs.
Some of them were already seen in the market I did in December, some are new and more are on the way to me.
I am particularly proud of these T-shirts: not only I created the design, I also hand printed them with Silkscreen technique, in limited quantity. Hope you like them :-)
(Please click on the pictures to see them bigger)
I plan to work more with this fascinating technique: I would like to print posters and postcards with my designs and I also would like to create a few designs for men T-shirts, since until now I designed just women's T-shirts. So these are a few of the challenges ahead!

For compulsive tailors...

Two Totems are better than just one!
A classic of addiction...

Psychedelic Totem...geeee...
Bubbly Jellyfishes are the perfect party friends!

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