Donnerstag, 24. Oktober 2013

A night at the hotel

If you are in Berlin, do not miss the exhibition at PHOTOPLATZ, in Hotel Bogota, near Kürfusterdamm in West Berlin.

10 fotographers lived for one night in the hotel Bogota and recorded with their cameras colors, impressions,
characters living there. From light impressions on walls, beautiful shadows on the interesting architecture, the cleaning personal passing by, guests coming back from a party in the middle of the night, we visit a small
 world of stories, that renewes itself every night, with new guests and new events.
Though we can "live" through this exhibition, only one night in this hotel (open since 1964!! a real classic!)
we can just imagine how many other stories happened there.

The exhibition is part of a series of events focused on saving the Hotel Bogota from the voracious gentrification, widespread also in West Berlin. Unfortunately the petition created to save the Hotel, the various articles on local newspapers and the interest of several people didn't manage to stop the awful project of closing down the hotel make luxurious apartments out of it.

It is really a pity because here you can really breath history. I had the luck to visit the exhibition with one of the photographers, Stefan Lotz, who showed us the little secrets of the hotel: for example there is a room where nazi officials, during IIWW , chose actors for propaganda films.

On the fourth floor, left hand side corridors, you can also find a permanent exhibition dedicated to YVA, an artist and fotografer active in the 20'/30', colleague of Helmut Newton. Her atelier used to be where now her photos hang. She died in concentration camp.

It is really painful to think that all this stories and memories will be soon lost, will be destroyed and the Hotel will be sold and redeveloped in stupid luxurious apartments. The selling out of the city is getting very very wrong.

There is more to see and admire in this lovely hotel, don't miss the exhibition on the ground floor, where the
breakfast room is, and the (very) small garden.

Go and see the exhibitions, go to say goodbye to this beautiful place, the Hotel Bogota in West Berlin.

Hotel Bogota Berlin -
Schlüterstraße 45/Ecke Ku'damm 
10707 Berlin

Dienstag, 6. August 2013

Time for a change

I have been observing my same blog for a while now, I think the time has come for a couple of changes.
For examples I think it is now too fuzzy and there are too many labels. So I decided to take a bit of time to reorganize my blog, make it better and more professional and somehow more personal.

If you are a reader, please bear with me, I will be certainly back, sometime in September.
Hopefully see you then!


Montag, 10. Juni 2013

Coffee: an obsession (1)

I decided to post a few comic illustrations I made through the years about coffee. It is one of my favorite topics. Let's start from the very beginning, with a good piece of advice for everybody
(please click on the image to see it bigger).

Mittwoch, 15. Mai 2013

Chapter 1.2 : the new Tshirt collection

Spring is there! It is again time for markets and T-shirts, so here are my most recent designs.
Some of them were already seen in the market I did in December, some are new and more are on the way to me.
I am particularly proud of these T-shirts: not only I created the design, I also hand printed them with Silkscreen technique, in limited quantity. Hope you like them :-)
(Please click on the pictures to see them bigger)
I plan to work more with this fascinating technique: I would like to print posters and postcards with my designs and I also would like to create a few designs for men T-shirts, since until now I designed just women's T-shirts. So these are a few of the challenges ahead!

For compulsive tailors...

Two Totems are better than just one!
A classic of addiction...

Psychedelic Totem...geeee...
Bubbly Jellyfishes are the perfect party friends!

Dienstag, 9. April 2013

Happy birthday to king Roger Corman!

Last week Roger Corman celebrated his birthday, on the 5th April to be precise.
Roger Corman is one of my heroes, a real cinema pioneer, a genius. He directed many low budgets movies and b-movies from the 50s on, he gave us some of the best, craziest more memorable and bizarre horror movies of the 60's , some of them inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, (The Raven, Hause of Uscher, Pit and Pendulum, etc.)  and with some of the best performances from Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Barbara Steele, Basil Rathbone, etc.

"King Roger" has been the mentor of many actors and directors of contemporary American cinema, like Jack Nicholson, Joe Dante, Ron Howard, Peter Fonda, etc.
Less known but not less important, is that thanks to the distribution company of him and his wife, many "serious" movies arrived to USA. Without him American audience would probably have no clue who Francois Truffaut, Ingmar Bergman, Akira Kurosawa are.

Roger Corman has also starred in minor roles in many movies like "Silence of the Lambs" of Jonathan Demme and "The Godfather part 2" directed by Francis Ford Coppola.

Roger Corman is to me a great guy because he loves deeply cinema and he always took the risk, he gave to anyone a possibility  to prove him or herself . Remarkably, he was and he is able to work always with any kind of budget, big or small, it doesn't matter. Cinema history own to Roger Corman much more than you can think!!

This post is not suppose to give you many information about Roger Corman but it is just a way to say "We love you Roger"! :-)

Happy birthday Roger!! :o)

PS. I had to keep myself from drawing a crown on the head of Roger Corman in this picture...the rights are still of the photographer!

Montag, 11. März 2013

HELP!! Save the Berlin wall!!

With astonishment me and the other fellows Berliners learned that one of the symbols of our city is due to be demolished, to leave space for a luxurious apartments block on the river Spree.
Needless to say that we are all upset and outraged: how can somebody only think to demolish an historical monument? and that only for mere profit?!
This is only the last, nearly unbelievable episode in a war declared to citizens from big development companies, who since years are gentrifying more and more our poor city.

A petition has been launched on to stop this cultural and emotional massacre and I want invite you to sign it here !!
Help us to keep alive one of the most important historical monuments of Europe. Thank you!

Sonntag, 13. Januar 2013

Pattern designing is the new addiction!

Well, yeah.
Last October I took part to a very interesting Pattern Design Course here in Berlin.
The main reason why I joined the course is that I want to learn how to design fabric pattern and this was a very good starting point. On the way I realized that patterns are everywhere: they are not only on fabrics, they are decorative elements used more or less everywhere, they are scientific models, they can be found in any kind of device and also in human behavior.
Simple or complex, patterns are everywhere to be found.

It is a very interesting topic and learning how to develop a pattern is both imaginative and very mathematical. To approach pattern design you need very simple instruments like transparent paper, pencils, rulers and colored felt pens but you can also use objects of any kind: buttons, colored select tape, post it, used underground tickets, ribbons, etc.

Moreover, patterns are not only drawn, they can also be "3D": once you build a module you can repeat it in the space and obtain a three dimensional pattern.

So, if somebody tells you that you can easily reproduce a pattern with Illustrator or Photoshop don't believe them: there is so much more to learn about patterns and it is much more satisfying learning how actually the pattern works, instead of just leaving to the computer all the calculating job.

And if you think at artists like William Morris or EC Escher you can really get an idea of how creative patterns can be.

What I discover is that it doesn't matter if you start with a natural shape or a geometric one, you will always end up with something bizarre and logical at the same time.

Drawing patterns can be really hypnotizing: you start doodling and than you have a shape and this shape, if you draw following certain rules, leads you to draw another shapes that together become a pattern and you can elaborate it until you find the perfect design. It is a bit like meditating in a kaleidoscope, I suppose.

Samstag, 5. Januar 2013

ESDIP Hibernation Market: the photos

Well, finally I find time to post a couple of photos I took at the Hibernation Designer Market in Berlin last 16th of December. It was great fun, I really enjoyed taking part to it, I also met lots of interesting people and artists.
Last but not least, many friends came to visit me there and it was to me a good occasion to see them and greet them before christmas.
More photos of the event on the website of ESDIP-Berlin
My T-shirt stand...
my T-shirt stand and...beyond

Neighbours: I mostri di Ila
More Neighbours: Breloquette