Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Gabri in Wonderland, a comic for newcomers in Berlin

After the publishing of my Befana's Story on the Website of ANE -Arbeitkreis Neue Erzieuhng (see Januar 2012), I started collaborating actively with this no profit organization: their aim is to help educate children in general and help integrate those that come from outside Germany.

Being new in a new country is not always easy, so I had the idea of drawing and writing stories of children just arrived in Berlin, describing the surprises and the struggles they encountered in the new environment. My aim is to show like in a mirror all these experiences as to say "Don't be sad, you are not alone! You will make it!".
The stories should be based on real ones (the names are obviously changed) and the project will be called "E' successo anche a te...?" (Did it happen to you as well...?). Children will be  encouraged to take part actively writing their experiences and have them illustrated by me, or better, they should produce their own comics and have them published on the website of
So, here is a taste of my first comic for this project, the first crazy school day of Gabri, an Italian girl who struggles to find her class in the new German school (please click on the pictures to see them bigger).

You can read the complete version on the website

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