Sonntag, 8. April 2012

From paper to fabric: my first handmade T-shirt!

I am more and more into fashion, fashion illustration and sewing. I wanted to show you the first t-shirt I ever made. My sister gave me two different kind of fabric, a piece of orange jersey and a piece of purple glitter cloth.

I wanted to do a "spacey" t-shirt, something inspired by 50's and 60's B-movies and 70's/80's anime, but still romantic enough, so I got inspiration from the 20's.
Strange mix maybe but I am very proud of the result :o)
It took me very long to sew it, hopefully in the next project I will avoid doing the same mistakes!

Here is the inspiration sketch: under it there is the series of possible "logos" to sew on one top side of the shirt, like in an "Enterprise" uniform...

And here is the t-shirt itself: this is the front...

This is the back...

And this is a detail from the "spacey" shoulder.
In the end I renounced to sew the logo on the front of the T-shirt, I didn't want to make it too "baroque". Hope you like it :o)