Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

Silkscreen printing revisited: now in two colors!

Yeah, I finally went to the second workshop of textile silkscreen printing in Garage_Pankow, dedicated to printing with two colors. Here is the result! I managed to work with two different patterns taken from my illustration portfolio.
Funny is to see how the print works on different kind of cloth and in different conditions (for example the lightly dry color produces a kind of "vintage print" effect).
The most difficult thing to cope with? Centering the two colors! The first 2 or 3 prints were totally out of register! Though I must admit that a slight mistake is always cool in silk-printing and it adds an "handmade" charm.
Anyway, have a look at the result, please click on the pictures to see them big.
I hope you will like them! :o)




I tried to sort the photos according to colors. Tshirts, patches and shoppers made nice presents for family and friends.
I also printed a bag with a pattern from my silkscreen printing teacher, Anna To.

I really enjoyed designing and printing these items, the possibility that this technique offers are really interesting and endless creative, it really opens the mind to other ways of drawing and creating. Horray for silk-printing!

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