Samstag, 17. September 2011

Walls of Berlin

Berlin is famous for its alternative culture and it's street art. It is really an incredibly rich scene: paintings, stickers, trio-dimensional collages and sculptures are everywhere and if you are interested in this kind of art you must always have a camera with you. I think it is incredibly inspiring walking through the city and looking at these masterpieces. Everybody has his/her own technique, style, subjects. They are also somehow fragile because any other graffiti artist can after a while modify or cover them.
Here is a small selection of the photos that I took in the last months. Click on the pictures to see them bigger.

These pictures were taken in Friedrichshain: there is a building that is particularly loved by graffiti artists and it is worth passing by every week to see the latest pieces of work.

Prost is the nickname of the artist that draws smiling faces all around Berlin. He normally works with felt pen but he makes also posters and Stickers. His humorous figures and his sardonic glance at things are simple but really effective.

Prost opened a personal exibition in Wedding a few weeks ago,at the East Berlin Gallery (a Gallery specialized in Street art artists) and tough I like his style and there were some interesting pieces, I must admit that I like better his "real" street pieces of work .

The following pieces were found all over Berlin

This last sticker is particularly funny and provocative: it suggests that also Turkish men wear a "Veil for machos!".

Prost, again...

And now a small masterpiece: the artist carved in a thick layer of posters a crifixion scene. Unfortunately the third image has been teared away the day before I took this pictures but I hope you can get an idea of how it has been made.

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