Dienstag, 23. August 2011

Goodbye Corny Cole

I admit my ignorance: I discovered who Corny Cole was only a few days ago, when I read about his death on "Cartoon Brew". Corny Cole was a master, an animator, illustrator, graphic artist, painter, production designer that worked in Warner Bros, collaborated with people like Chuck Jones, Abe Lewitow, he worked at UPA and Depatie-Freleng, all names that have a very important place in my little animation-lover heart.

It is sad that I learn only now about the genius of this man, now that he is the paradise of animators.
Have a look to the articles and links on Cartoon Brew and to this interview to Cole by Michael Barrier and also to Animation Magazine: you will find not only great examples of Cole's art but also funny stories told by his colleagues: for example, Abe Lewitow was inspired by Corny Cole for the animation of Duffy Duck in "Robin Hood Duffy". I highly recommend to have a look at his Show-reel (posted on this article of Cartoon Brew), there are some amazingly psychedelic pieces of animation. Here and here you can read other affectionate goodbyes to Corny Cole.

Bye Mr. Cole, have a good trip home.

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