Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Visions of Berlin

On may the 11th I saw this guy in Warschauer Straße, corner Revaler Straße.
He looked like E from the Eels, just back from a holiday in the Swiss mountains: he had a big beard and short Tyrol trousers and played Concertina. It was like being in a curious dream seeing this guy (not the usual street musician of the area) playing such a wonderful instrument in a busy Berlin Street on a sunny day, between punks, dogs and empty beer bottles.
I usually associate Concertina with sailors and his Alps-oriented look made the vision even more weird. He must have been a fairy tale character who had taken an holiday in our world.
For sure I thought he was a foreigner: instead of saying "Danke" as I put some money in the hat, he told me "Bitte"! :o)

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