Freitag, 16. Juni 2017

Back pages...the "resume" post! Part 1

Yeah, as I told you recently I am back in charge of the blog and I would like to show you some of the works I did in the last 2 years (almost three) and then go on with a reface of the blog and publishing new stuff. So, here we go! (Please click on image to enlarge them)

Coffee 60s-Digital Illustration

Yeah, I am now also in digital stuff...I followed a
very good course in Berlin taught by spanish illustrator
Rafael Alvarez and this is one of the images I produced thanks to that...
Well, considering the huge technical problems I encountered on the way
I am pretty happy with what I learned.


Tshirt design for Ciao Pop Up

I have been contacted to design some Tshirt for an italian platform, Ciao Pop Up. The first collection I designed is inspired by french play is a sneak preview of one of them...

Yeah yeah, I know, it doesn't say much BUT...stay tuned for more development...

Trial illustrations for a cooking magazine
Once again I have been contacted to do some trial illustrations 
for the most famous italian eno-gastronomic magazine, the subject was Portugal's typical cooking. 
In this case I used my (new) skills of digital illustration.

Though I am happy with the results I find somehow disturbing tne whole project now, the reason being 
I am VEGETARIAN!! I am not sure I would be able to draw again a mildly happy fish on a plate...

Illustrations for a school book

Oh, I loooove this one! I was asked to produce some ideas for a story in a school book for children agen 10/13, specific for the story of "Tonino  e il nonno", about an italian kid that visit the grandfather in the countryside for the summer. This job gave me the possibility to explore different styles, from my usual.

Here I blended the watercolor drawn charachter 
in a real photo, the photo itself was previously           
color modified.                                                

A sketch of the characters at the initial stage...


I  love this one, it is made with watercolors.
The goose has got particular success...

That's it for now! The second part of this post comes very soon! Stay tuned :-) and thank you for stopping by!

Samstag, 15. April 2017

Back on the tracks

Oh, I didn't publish anything on this blog for nearly two years!! Well, I just lacked the time and strenght.
But now I am back and I want to make a little revolution, posting new stuff at least once a week and going through a gradual makeover of my blog.

I would like to change the look but also organize differently this blog and also start writing about art works (and not only) that I like and I recomend to check out.

The first bit of work that I would like to show here is a serries of sketches and ideas that I developed for the ZAS, a center for language research based in Berlin (I already publish with them a book, you can find the post here).
The brief was to devise and create an animated series to publish on the on line teaching platform "Sofa Tutor". I explored several ideas, like creating the host of the program that introduces the elements of the german language to foreign kids, called the Grammar-Giraffe. (click on images to see them bigger).

A second option was to animate the varios elements of the grammatical phrase as if they had a proper personality and will.          

Finally I thought to involve one of the professors involved in the project using photos of his face and adding a drawn body, making him explore bizarre but effective "grammar-situations".


                                       Unfortunately it seems we are still waiting for foundings...hope you like this ideas anyway and I hope to be working on this project or get the possibility of working on a similar one soon.

Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2015

Only you: Orson Welles' 100th birthday

The last months have been very hard for me, I didn't have any time to post in my blog.
Today I want to find the time to write about one of my heroes, the man I will always love:
Orson Welles!

I do not need to tell you what a genius he was: he was director, writer, actor, designer, he could anything from filming to puppetry.

When he left this planet he was not enough recognized like he should have been. He was immense.
Though I have been watching and reading his work for years now, there is always something new to discover about it and about him.

Happy birthday Orson!

Truly yours

Cristina :-)

Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

Personal project: CD cover for Band of Holy Joy

Everybody has some project that goes on over the years: mine is a series of CD covers I illustrate for (already existing) music albums.
I actually started this project in the days of music cassettes!!
My latest "creature" is a collage cover for the album "More tale from the city" by indie UK group Band of Holy Joy. The album is from the late 80's and is an hymn (both negative and positive) to the life in the big city. Poetry, weirdness, violence melt in this album, between violins, hypnotic keyboards, the rough whispers and sweet howling of the singer. In my younger days this album, like any other album from Band of Holy Joy, was an "insider view" of one of my favorite cities, London.

So, here is my CD cover for "New tales from the city" by Band of Holy Joy and a few pics of the work-in-progress. Hope you like it! :-)

please click on the picture to see it bigger
The inspiration came from the "Fall of the rebel angels" by Pieter Brugel, where creatures from hell and heaven battle. The good mixed with the bad. I "selected" a central figure, an angel wielding a sword: beautiful and awful at the same time.

Brugel's "Fall of rebel angels"

I took away the colors from the picture and got it black and white. I then drew an abstract colored shape and added it to the picture, to put something slightly out of context that would stand out in the composition.

mysterious shape

The writing is hand written in black ink and then colored and mounted on the cover with photoshop.  


Elaboration in photoshop

For more of my CD covers personal project have a look at the illustration-portfolio section of the blog and for learning more about the music of Band Of Holy Joy check out their website:

PS I also made a psychedelic version of it...

Psychedelic...or maybe too much coffee...

Mittwoch, 14. Mai 2014

Who's your candidate?

In 10 days European citizen will be voting for the EU parlament.
Are you still undecided for who should you vote for? I was, until yesterday when, going out for a foto-safari, I saw these posters...It is a clever advertisement campaign for "X-men, days of the future past" that uses a series of mock political posters.

Who knows if this campaign is the same in all Europe...but now I know who will get my vote on the 25th. of May...and you?

"Alle sind gleich-We are all the same"

Charming and idealist mind reader: Prof. Xavier
Behaving bad for a good cause: Wolverine

More than only a change of the wardrobe: Mystica
Dangerously handsome: Magneto 

Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

My archeology: How to make a video out of paper

When I think of it, it almost make me laugh...there was a time in which Cameras were expensive tools that only professionals could afford to have...those days are gone and nowadays technology is allowing us to do almost any thing, any time: filming a music video, for example, it can be shoot NOW! even with only a phone-camera.

Back in the 90's  I was already interested in making videos and movies, I wanted to work with a real moviola and despite the lack of tools I managed to shoot my first music video...on paper!!

One of my favourite tunes at that time was "Ventoline Blues", from the French-American indie group "Passion Fodder" and I wanted to shoot a video for it: the song is the lament of a asthmatic guy, in a blues-country key. I wrote a (quite surreal) story,  where the Passion Fodder group members were to "play".
I drew the story like a mute comic. The images were cut and pasted on an extra super long strip of paper, after making sure that the sequence matched words and music.

To "watch" the video, one must listen to the song and at the same time drag the strip of paper following the action and the lyrics. Another way it would be of hanging the strip on the wall and walking along it but I admit it would be a bit uncomfortable, though interesting!

Here I show you a couple of pictures of my very primitive but funny way to "shoot" a video :-)
(Click on the images to see them bigger)

The paper video (Closed)

The paper video (open)

Psychedelic beginning

Woke up this morning...
Drama (and a bit of explanation)

more drama...

more more drama...

The End
And now ...let's rewind the film...

 The style I used for these drawings was a simple soft pencil on white paper, to give the drawings a kind of "raw" style. Though the song sounds very tragic, I could not help adding a surreal, comic ending...that is my trademark, I suppose.

Passion Fodder already split up at the beginning of the 90's but their front man, Theo Hakola, is still very active in music. If you want to know more about him, here is his website:

Dienstag, 1. April 2014

Illustrations for the book "Das mehrsprachige Klassenzimmer"

 I am terribly proud to write this post today: a year ago I worked for the ZAS (Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, or Center for Languages Science in Berlin) and drew a series of comic illustrations for the book, "Das mehrsprachige Klassenzimmer". The book is an interesting guide for teachers of German schools whose students have a different another mother tongue than German.

The illustrations are in black and white and make fun of the peculiarities of different languages.
Finding puns that could work in any language and translate them in images was the most challenging part of the assignment.

I am very happy with the result and since the book was finally published a few days ago, I can finally post a few images of it! :-) (Click on the images to see them bigger).

For more information about the book and ZAS-Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft:

The Book!! With the invitation to the official presentation
A polyglot class!

complicated Turkish table
Greek cartoon on page

Greek Cartoon original

and Hindi!